Can I bring my own food? Yes, you can certainly bring your own food in for your pet(s). If you choose to bring in your own food please put each meal in a separate baggie, this will assist us in providing for your pet's nutritional needs.
Do we supply our own food? We use Purina Pro Plan, however you can bring your own food if you would like.
What about bedding? We use our own bedding, traction mats, and feeding bowls. Please do NOT bring blankets/beds from home, however toys are welcome.
What is all included for price and stay for dog(s)? Indoor and outdoor kennel with traction mat and blanket.
What is the bath before a dog goes home? After 3 nights stay, we do a complimentary bath the night before they go home that is done by kennel staff. This does NOT include drying, brushing, and grooming.
What type of pets do you groom? Airport Pet Lodge grooms all breeds of dogs and cats. We have trained groomers who specialize in breed-specific cuts. Please call the center directly for rates and to schedule an appointment.
What vaccinations are required? Rabies and distemper are mandatory, kennel cough is suggested.