Looking for pet boarding? ...Grooming?

Airport Pet Lodge in Rockford has your solution: leave your pet in an enjoyable and stimulating environment brimming with activity as well as human and canine friends.

When you need to travel, your pet needs to go on vacation too, why not take them to the Airport Pet Lodge and be around caring staff members that will care for your pet as much as you do. Your pet will receive plenty of exercise and loving attention, develop the self-confidence that comes with being exposed to new social situations, and come home ready for a quiet, relaxing evening with you.

Airport Pet Lodge offers grooming services in addition to boarding. Our grooming service takes pride in combining skill with artistry to bring out the beauty in all our clients. You will find grooming prices to be very competitive. Call 815 - 397- 4597 and ask to speak to a groomer for a price quote.

Looking for pet boarding? Grooming? – “Visitors are welcome to tour our facility at any time during business hours”